Our Structure

Formally established as a Town entity, the Partnership is guided by Mayoral Executive Order 17-01

Members of the Partnership are categorized into three (3) groups:

  1. General Members. General membership is open to any person interested in supporting the Partnership. General members participate in meetings, offer opinions on and insight into relevant issues, volunteer to participate in working committees, offer special skills, and represent the Partnership at other meetings, events and conferences. 
  2. Lead Stakeholders. A Lead Stakeholder is defined as one (1) representative (unless otherwise noted) from each of the 15 community stakeholder groups identified within the Executive Order. Appointed by the Mayor, Lead Stakeholders attend all Partnership meetings possible, represent and communicate with other individuals belonging to their stakeholder group, and vote on Partnership-related business. 
  3. Steering Committee. The Steering Committee consists of six (6) Lead Stakeholders – elected by the larger group of appointed Lead Stakeholders – and the Chair (Braintree Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator). The Steering Committee oversees the Partnership’s operating guidelines, plans Partnership meetings, forms and dissolves working committees, votes on Partnership-related business, assists with fundraising and the development of an annual Partnership budget, and develops a strategic plan.