Notary Services

Documents are notarized to deter fraud. The Notary acts as an impartial witness, who ensures the signers are who they say they are. The Notary is not responsible for the legality of the documents and cannot offer legal advice.

Notary Public Services are offered during normal business hours. Please call in advance, walk-in service is not guaranteed.

Notary services are offered free of charge.


  • Please bring a valid, government-issued photo ID (ex: a driver's license, military ID or passport)
  • The document CANNOT already have been signed
  • All signers MUST BE PRESENT at the time of notarizing, NO EXCEPTIONS
  • If your document requires witnesses along with a notary, please bring the required number of witnesses with you
  • The document MUST contain the appropriate Notarial Statement (Clause)- NO EXCEPTIONS. Types of Notary: Jurat (statements are true) OR Acknowledgement (ones free act). The certificate MUST contain the oath given by notary to identify the type of notary act.
  • Documents in a foreign language will not be notarized

Staff reserves the right to deny notarial services if the guidelines mentioned above are not followed or if the documents are incomplete and lack the notarial clause/statement.