Drop-off Center - Banned Materials


The Trash Permit to Recycling Center DOES NOT INCLUDE the ability to bring banned material (State, DEP Waste Ban Regs) such as:

Asphalt Pavement or Bricks

• Cathode Ray Tubes (TVs, Old Computers)

• Hazardous Waste – collected Spring and Fall at the Hazardous Waste events sponsored by the Town

• Clean Gypsum Wallboard

• Commercial Business’s food waste, trash or recycling

• Construction Material (effective 7/1/2022

Lead Acid Batteries

• Leaf & Yard Waste – accepted Spring & Fall curbside

• Creosote or Railroad Ties

• Tires

• Mattresses/Box Springs (Effective 7/1/2022)

• Appliances containing Freon (refrigerators, AC’s, dehumidifiers, etc.) and Mattresses & Box Springs – are accepted curbside but you must call to schedule a pickup (617-361-8000)

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