Frothingham Hall (Thayer Academy)

In the late 1920s it was becoming apparent that a new assembly hall was desperately needed as the main building was becoming inadequate. The main building was getting too small, floors needed replacing, and heating and plumbing systems needed serious updating.

Frothingham Hall - Thayer Academy

New Building Plan

In 1930 the Board of Trustees authorized the erection of a new building. It was initially planned to be an addition to the rear of the main building, but it was decided that a separate hall would be more practical.

Louis Adams Frothingham

The new building was speedily built and it was ready for use by November of 1930. The building is named for Trustee Congressman Louis Adams Frothingham. He was the chairman of the funds drive for the new building. Sadly, he passed away in 1928, before the buildings completion.