Community Preservation Act

In 2002 the Town of Braintree passed the Community Preservation Act (CPA). Passage of CPA allowed the Town to establish a Community Preservation Fund to support open space, historic preservation, outdoor recreation, and community housing. Monies for the fund come from a 1% property tax surcharge and matching dollars from the state. Through 2016 Braintree has received more than $11.1 million in CPA funds ($7.3 million in local property tax surcharge and $3.8 million in state matching funds).

Community Preservation Act Projects

Any individual or organization can submit a CPA project application to the CPC for funding consideration. A wide range of projects are eligible for CPA funds provided they benefit the town and address one or more the CPA topic areas (open space, historic resources, outdoor recreation, and community housing). The following chart provides a summary of the applicable uses of CPA funding.

Topic Areas
Open Space Historic Resources Outdoor Recreation Community Housing
Acquire Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create Yes No Yes Yes
Preserve Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support No No No Yes
Rehabilitate / Restore Yes, if acquired or created with CPA funds Yes Yes Yes, if acquired or created with CPA funds


CPA funds may not be used for maintenance of real property or construction of a stadium, gymnasium, or similar structure of the acquisition of artificial turf for athletic fields.

Funding can be provided to a private organization, but only when it is in the public interest of the town within the categories mentioned above.

Examples of CPA funded projects in Braintree and throughout the state can be found on the Community Preservation Coalition’s database.