2018 Bathing Beach Water Test Results

The Braintree Health Department considers an individual bathing beach water sample with an enterococci count less than 104 acceptable for bathing/swimming.

Counts greater than 104 indicate the water is unacceptable for swimming/bathing and the beach will be posted as such. A 5-sample Enterococci Geometric Mean value greater than 35 also indicates the water is unacceptable for swimming/bathing.      

N/A means not available.

*Rain event occurred within 24 hours of sample collection

Smith Beach

Marine (Salt) Water Beach
Sample Date Enterococci 
5- Sample 
Acceptable For
6/12/18 20 N/A YES
6/19/18 <10* N/A YES
6/26/18 <10 N/A YES
7/2/18 10 N/A YES
7/10/18 52 N/A YES

Sunset Lake

Fresh Water Beach
Sample Date E. Coli
5- Sample
Acceptable For
6/12/18 8 N/A YES
6/19/18 32* N/A YES
6/26/18 92 N/A YES
7/2/18 48 N/A YES
7/10/18 8 N/A YES