Drop-off Center Services - Recycling

Single Stream Recycling

Residents Only (Valid driver’s license with a Braintree address or a trash sticker is required)

Acceptable Items:

      All Paper (not contaminated by food):
      All Colored & Construction Paper (staples/paper clips OK)
      Newspapers, including inserts, Mail, Envelopes of all types, Cardboard
      Paper Bags, Paperback Books, Telephone Books, & Magazines
      Junk Mail, Brochures, Flyers, & Catalogs & Books (with hard covers removed)
      Office Paper, Envelopes, File & Pendaflex Folders
      Cereal, Shoe, Pasta, & Cracker Boxes, etc., (remove liners)
      Milk & Juice Cartons
      EMPTY food, paint and cosmetic aerosol cans (remove plastic lid)
      Glass Bottles & Jars (all colors)
      All Plastics (Numbered 1-7)
      Soda, Juice, Water Bottles (glass or plastic)
      Milk Jugs, Bleach, Detergent & Shampoo Bottles
      Clean Food Containers - No Styrofoam
      Tin and steel cans & lids (rinsed)

Non-acceptable Items:
           Plastic Bags (Please recycle bags at your supermarket)
           Plastic wrappers from Water bottles, etc.
           Window Glass
           Foam Packaging
           Recyclables Containing Food Waste
           Hazardous Waste
           Yard Waste
           TVs/Computer Monitors